Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about us.

Thank you for the outstanding customer support. I received your exchange unit yesterday and sent the old one back today. Please have a great Christmas and thanks again.

Tom Scrachta
Minooka Illinois

We enjoy the EZ creeper and the flexibility of being able to adjust the creeper to any desired recline position. The creeper has great wheels and the cushion is nice and soft. This is our go to chair for our multiple aircraft flight department.

Allen Blume
Senior Maintenance Supervisor

After installing the wheels, hydraulic relief valve screw, and handle, the unit appears to work just fine. I look forward to receiving a new handle and installing it when I return from travel in a couple of weeks. I will provide you with any additional feedback when I give it some real tests underneath my airplane. Great job designing and manufacturing a wonderful product.  I cannot wait to give it a try in the hangar!

CDR Kirk S. Lippold
USS Cole USN (retired)

I would like to comment on a problem I had with my new creeper. It developed a fluid leak. I called you folks and the problem was taken care of quickly. All companies should have such good service.

Steve Dunn
Elwood, Indiana

Whilst attending the N.B.A.A.  Conference in 2016, we visited The Ez creeper booth and purchased two (2) Ez Creepers. We can attest to the fact, that there is no other creeper for aviation than The Ez Creeper! They are the best and we made a great investment in our Company through their purchase.

Kent Hartfield
Chief Inspector

Great, glad you found the problem! It must have been built on a Friday. ? I used my Ez Creeper last week to scoot under my fuselage. Terrific! Was not that much inconvenient especially with the great service.

Steve & Anne

We are enjoying the Ez Creeper. I noticed right away how great it was traveling under our Lear Jet 75. It made all the difference in the world. What I liked is the fact that you can easily scoot from one place to another with very little effort and adjust to different heights with just a few pumps of the handle. Great product!

David Altrui
Director of Maintenance Dillard’s Corporate Flight Dept

I got the Cadillac of creepers! All the aviation mechanics are jealous of me. I’ve cleaned both my airplanes for the winter, (C-172 and a BE35s) and the bellies are spotless due to your wonderful Ez Creeper. I can change the height “on-the-fly” easily and it is not a chore to do so.

Sally Pezza
Brookhaven, New York

My package arrived Wed. and I assembled and tested on Thursday. Great product. . . !! Good elevation height ….! Thanks for a great idea and product. I belong to several aviation clubs and we are always sharing ideas. They will hear about your EZ-creeper.

David Lloyd
Oregon, USA

In the past getting up and down from a creeper was very painful and I avoided it at all costs. My body is full of arthritis. Now when I need to use a creeper the Ez Creeper makes its 90% easier. Now I can do the projects I want to and not be in pain. Thank you for coming up with this great design.

Frank Payne
Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Ez Creeper arrived on my wife’s birthday of April 26 and I have been enjoying it ever since. Fortunately for me, Bobbi isn’t into crawling under airplanes so she lets me use the Ez Creeper. I’ve been admiring the Ez Creeper at Sun N Fun for the past 3 years and now that I am a user, I can vouch for its quality and versatility. Being able to adjust my height and angle to reach areas inside the wing, under the fuselage and under the engine really makes the job go faster and easier. The hydraulic unit is nice and smooth and the big soft castering wheels make scooting all over the hangar a joy. Attached is a picture of me closing up the bottom of my newly built RV9A after it’s first condition inspection.

Thanks again for manufacturing a wonderfulF product.

Allen Rice

I ordered your aviation creeper at Sun N Fun this year and had an opportunity to use it for my annual on my 80+ year old bi-plane.

There are two large belly pans that have to come off to inspect the controls & belly fuel tank area.  The creeper made the job so easy as a normal creeper would have me about 2 feet below the panels reaching up to work on everything.   It was extremely comfortable.  As a matter of fact we joked that as the creeper was so comfortable, we had to be careful not to fall asleep on the job.

You have created an amazing tool & I hope some of my friends will buy one from you.  Also thank you for building the creeper in the US & Canada.


John Ricciotti
Waco S3HD & Taylorcraft BC-12D

Attention: Mr. G.J. Rancourt, The Ez Creeper Company –

I got a call from you not too long ago about the EZ-Creeper and haven’t had time to call you back. I am very excited about it – I am just now getting to where I can use it. The distance from my wheelchair to the Ez Creeper is a little much – I wish it would go a little higher – but once I get on The Ez Creeper, I am good. I use my prosthetics to propel me if you will. I am still a few months from great use but it’s getting better. It would be good if I could get one for my home. Once I get a bit stronger, I may consider doing ordering another as I work on cars more often and that would allow me to take some more time to evaluate the product. I got a friend of mine to help my IA with the Annual and both of them were amazed at the utility of my Ez Creeper. I think what might promote your business more would be,

Christopher Starnes MD FACP 
FAA Medical Examiner 
Virginia State Medical Examiner

We purchased an Ez Creeper last year to aid in maintenance of our fleet of turboprop aeroplanes and turbine helicopters.  These aircraft work in a law enforcement role and fly approx. 4000 hours/year between four aircraft.  The Ez Creeper has made any job below the aircraft a lot easier resulting in increasing production due to comfort and being able to work in an ergonomically correct position for long periods.  The Ez Creeper is well engineered and built even better.  It is so popular among our technicians that we purchased another one shortly after the first.  I recommend this to anyone who has to spend any time under an aircraft.



RCMP Air Station
Delta B.C. Canada