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Straight Talk & Hard Facts on The Ez Creeper

The Ez Creeper is a Hand-Powered Device that Elevates and De-elevates “on-the-fly” without any need to Disembark.

The World’s ONLY Aviation Creeper – The Ez Creeper is designed to comfortably sit and lift a 300 lb. person. The Ez Creeper acts as an Ez chair that will, upon your command, modify itself “on the fly” into a 180 degree horizontal creeper.  No more will you have to think twice about the discomfort and pain that you experience when getting under your plane.  No more will you have to get down on all fours and then roll over onto your back – like a good doggie. Your struggle to get back up off the floor and stand up will also be a thing of the past!

We all fly for FUN – Not for PAIN!

On the Benefits of Owning an Ez Creeper

1. Increases Productivity of Aircraft Technicians:

Research has revealed that productivity increases in excess of 10% when aircraft technicians use The Ez Creeper rather than a car creeper or an office chair or worst still, working on their knees or flat on their back! The Ez Creeper’s hand-powered hydraulic system enables the technician to rest comfortably at any level whilst applying his exacting trade. This comfort translates to a more rested technician at the end of the workday and of course, higher quality of work.

A simple 10% increase in productivity translates to about a $4.50 per hour saving (if not more!) when calculating direct wages + benefits.  Thus, a normal 2,000 work year provides an annual saving (or increase in productivity) valued at $9,000.00 per year.

2. Reduces Repetitive Stress Injuries:

Let’s face it, our aircraft technicians are not getting any younger with most being over the age of Forty (40). After a few years of working this exacting trade, most complain of neck, lower back and knee pain. This is the real reason The Ez Creeper was invented in the first place! “Necessity is the mother of invention” and The Ez Creeper was born.

With The Ez Creeper tool, the aviation technician suffers less absenteeism and has more energy at the end of the day. Time off due to pain and suffering is a thing of the past and Workmen’s Compensation claims are substantially reduced.

3. Technicians Love The Ez Creeper:

In fact, some even eat their lunch and watch television on it! Problems arise however, when there are an insufficient number of Ez Creepers.  A fight breaks out over who gets to use The Ez Creeper tool first!

Let’s Face the Facts:

You will easily purchase more than four (4) automobile creepers over the next 20 years. They were never made for the aviation industry anyway! You will buy only one (1) Ez Creeper with its Lifetime Warranty (limited*). That is unless you throw it off a cliff or roll over it with a transport truck!

What is the (R.O.I.) Return on Investment of Buying Ez Creeper?

    1. Your investment of just $ 949.99 in an Ez Creeper tool will bring you a ten-fold return in the first year alone!(productivity increase of $9,000 on a $ 949.99 investment).
    2. Shipping and Handling cost for North America is a flat $50.00; Outside of North America please contact us for a quote.
    3. There are no custom duties for NAFTA countries (North American Free Trade Agreement) and no duties, or at least reduced duties, from other countries. Contact us for a quote and we will gladly advise you.
    4. Orders from Canadian provinces are subject to normal GST/HST

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Shipping Charges:

a flat fee of $50.00 usd for Shipping & Handling to all Provinces and States in Canada / United States with the exception of Alaska, North West Territories, Puerto Rico and Hawaii; Shipments to the USA will originate from our Michigan operation.

For Alaska: add $50.00 for a total of $100.00 usd.

Call for quote for North West Territories, Puerto Rico and Hawaii


The Ez Creeper is a Hand-Powered Device that Elevates and De-elevates “on-the-fly” without any need to Disembark.