We all fly for FUN - Not for PAIN!

The Ez Creeper is a Hand-Powered Device that Elevates and De-elevates “on-the-fly” without any need to Disembark.

The WORLDS ONLY Aviation Creeper, enjoy the maintenance of your aircraft like never before. Truly a Joy-Ride after your Joy-Ride Flight!


Good afternoon

We received our new Creeper and love it !!!!

My accounts payable is asking me for something showing that it was shipped to our Indiana address and I don’t have anything, is it possible that you have this? If so, can you please send me a copy?

Thank you

Darryl Lercel | Director of Maintenance

4100 Lathrop Street, South Bend  |  Indiana  |  46628  |  

Dear Sir,  My package arrived Wed. and I assembled and tested on Thursday. Great product. . . !! Good elevation height ….!

Thanks for a great idea and product. I belong to several aviation clubs and we are always sharing ideas. They will hear about your EZ-creeper.

David Lloyd

Oregon, USA

Whilst attending the NBAA Conference in 2016, we visited The Ez creeper booth and purchased two (2) Ez Creepers. We can attest to the fact, that there is no other creeper for aviation than The Ez Creeper! They are the best and we made a great investment in our Company through their purchase.

Kent Hartfield
 | Chief Inspector

Crew Aviation | 
Louisville, Kentucky

We enjoy the EZ creeper and the flexibility of being able to adjust the creeper to any desired recline position. The creeper has great wheels and the cushion is nice and soft. This is our go to chair for our multiple aircraft flight department.

Allen Blume
 | Senior Maintenance Supervisor

Solairus Aviation

If you feel we can fix it with your assistance that would be preferable as we really rely on the EZ Creeper, getting a little old and inflexible and just as advertised it has extended my useful years as a mechanic.
However if you prefer we could ship it to you for repair.


Richard Deary

SkyWorld Aviation Inc.
 | Midland, Virginia

Thank you for the outstanding customer support.
I received your exchange unit yesterday and sent the old one back today.
Please have a great Christmas and thanks again.

Tom Scrachta

Minooka, illinois

I got the Cadillac of creepers! All the aviation mechanics are jealous of me. I’ve cleaned both my airplanes for the winter, (C-172 and a BE35s) and the bellies are spotless due to your wonderful Ez Creeper. I can change the height “on-the-fly” easily and it is not a chore to do so.

Thank you, Thank you and Thanks again!

Sally Pezza

Brookhaven, New York

You certainly do not want to clean the bottom of your aircraft without an Ez Creeper

Karl Rogers

Nashville, Tennessee

Best Creeper on the market hands down! We purchased our 1st Ez Creeper at Sun n Fun 2016 and are planning to purchase two more. After our 1st Piper Cherokee inspection, we became Customers for Life!

John Farrow

Brewton, Alabama

Your Ez Creeper fits our needs just perfectly, especially the Z adapters which vary height differences while vinyling the bottom of the strakes and wings. It rolls easily on our concrete floor and eases our need to flow with the vinyl application while working upside down against gravity.

John Brygadyr
 | Caila Aviation

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I got my creeper assembled and operational. My first use was to clean the bottom of my Cessna 180.
I am PLEASED to report that I was able to roll under the full length of the aircraft and clean every rivet ! Then I raised the headrest and took a short nap.
No more rolling around on the concrete for me.
Thank you for an excellent product !

Don Wolfe|California

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