Experience the Ez Creeper

  • Eliminates pain and injuries
  • Lifetime warranty Limited
  • Increases productivity by more than 10%
  • Designed Specifically for Aircraft Maintenance;
  • Adjustable w/o dismounting,hand-powered hydraulics;

No More Pain!
The Ez Creeper is on Its Way!!

Productivity Increase – more than 10%
Stress Injuries Reduced
Injury Claims Lowered
Technicians Love The Ez Creeper
Pilots Love The Ez Creeper

What Our Customers Say!

I’ve been admiring the Ez Creeper at Sun N Fun for the past 3 years and now that I am a user, I can vouch for its quality and versatility.  Being able to adjust my height and angle to reach areas inside the wing, under the fuselage and under the engine really makes the job go faster and easier. 

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The Ez Creeper is a  Hand-Powered Device that Elevates and De-elevates “on-the-fly” without any need to Disembark.

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